A man enters a journey into a dream in sREM. Looking back on his whole life, he sees how he's wasted it and missed the blessings that God put right in front of him.  This is the song Summer.  He sees the time when he was deep in sin, careless and reckless, and yet his conscious tells him it is wrong and he flees.  This is Scarletry.  Trying to justify himself, he appeals to God about all his good works, but is only made aware of his love of the world and obsession with earthly treasures.  This is described in Moth Mania. Ghost Tide moves the story into a place where he has hit rock bottom, the lowest of lows, looking for meaning and escape from an empty life.  He decides to open his old dusty Bible in Pages. Coming upon the story of David and Jonathan and their loyalty, he realizes God's loyalty and patience towards him.  This is the song Loyalty.  God works on his heart and reveals Himself by reminding the man of the beauty of His creation and how blind he has been to it all this time.  This is described in the song Trees.  Finally, in March of Mercy, the man comes to faith in Christ; this song describes the crucifixion of Jesus from the view of the thief on the cross.  Then in the song Clearing Skies, the man, having been saved and his eyes opened, now sees the world in an eternal perspective.  He wakes up and is overjoyed and so is Heaven; a celebration erupts in his heart and in Heaven in the song Dream's End.  Finally, he yearns to tell others, and joins the spiritual battle to win souls to Christ. This is described in Wormwar.  
Here’s To Victory is a project composed and performed by Todd Janes